BeeMAPS & The
University of Florida (05/2017 – Present)

  • Behavioral Mapping @ University of Florida’s Mixed-Use Learning Environments
    • Mapping ~8,000 Behavioral observations of individuals inside various learning environments across UF’s Gainesville’s campus.
      • Inputs:
        • CAD Drawing (.dwg) of Libraries
        • 40+ Individual Excel Spreadsheets with collection data observations
      • Process
        1. Python code to derive data from 40+ individual spreadsheets and merge them into one file for easy research, viewing, and QA/QC.
          • This allowed us to extract and review the collected data in a standardized manner.
          • Like most data collections, there were some quality control issues.  BeeMAPS used customized Python code to evaluate the data based on UF’s criteria and “pull out” valid collections.
            • The GitHub code repository for this project is here.
        2. Georeferencing the .dwg files against the most current aerials
        3. Co-relating the observational data to the geo-referenced CAD drawings
    • Outcome
      • Summarized results of the processed data can be found here 

Drones (2018 – Present)

  •  Deploying a Mavic Pro 2 to capture aerial photography at various scales to “patch” into existing aerial photography as well as capturing imagery at various angles and geographically referencing vector data into angled imagery.